Man accused of burning mobile home and fleeing from police in court

Man accused of burning mobile home and fleeing from police in court

YUMA, AZ- The man who set a mobile home up in flames and later robbed a car faced a judge Wednesday afternoon to hear his charges.


Around 8 a.m. Monday morning 42 year old Juan Luis Becerra-Benitez caused a mobile home fire to his address endangering three people on first street and Magnolia Avenue.


Benitez is facing 8 separate counts, one count of attempted second degree murder for domestic violence, two counts of endangerment per domestic violence, and one count of arson and several other accused charges.

During the time of the incident Benitez then later forced a woman out of her car and demanded access to the vehicle while threatening her with a knife.

Due to health issues, Becerra-Benitez wasn’t able to talk or move in court. He was sitting down while shaking in a wheelchair.


A victim advocate from Amberly’s place talked on behalf of the armed robbery part of the case and says that the victim was scared for her life when he asked her to get out of the car. She thought he was going to get stabbed to death. The victim said this incident has not only hurt her but has also affected her family as well.


The prosecutor requests that the bond remained as previously set at $700,000. Benitez’ preliminary hearing is set for March 14th.

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