Prop 123 would bring in more than $3 billion to public schools

Prop 123 would bring in more than $3 billion to public schools

YUMA, Ariz- Members of the community came out to the Yuma Civic Center to learn about Arizona Proposition 123 and what it stands for. A prop that would allow $3.5 billion in additional education funding over the course of 10 years.


The settlement includes money from the general fund and Governor Doug Ducey’s state land trust proposal. The agreement also would not raise taxes.


Christian Palmer who’s the Communications Director of Prop 123 says, “It does this without raising taxes. Instead it uses the state land trust which exist for the very purpose of supporting public education.”


The main goal for prop 123 is to help stop teachers leaving their profession in Arizona and also get a raise.
County School Superintendent Tom Tyree said, “I think the big thing is to make sure that in Arizona and our community are really aware of what the real issues are and what prop 123 will do in terms of providing new money to schools which is what we desperately need.”

Tyree adds, “With the cuts that the school districts have gone through that’s really important. Especially as we try to think about the recruitment and retention of teachers.”


Tyree wants to emphasize that prop 123 is just a start to something great.


Tyree adds, “It does pump in about 350 million dollars a year back into education over 10 years. From money that’s provided to us by the state land trust which was created to actually support schools.”

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