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Zika seminars in Yuma County

YUMA, Ariz. – As the Zika virus continues to spread all over the world, healthcare officials in Yuma county are taking preventative measures in making sure the community is educated on the illness.

Dr. Charlotte Richards, M.D., OB/GYN at San Luis Walk-in Clinic says, “Our goal is to try and educate the public. There are measures they can take to keep from getting this illness or at least exposing pregnant women to this illness.”

According to Richards, the virus started in Ugana in 1947. Now it is most commonly found in parts of South America, mainly Brazil. It’s taken the virus only nine months to travel up to Sinaloa, Mexico.

With at least 93 cases of the Zika virus already confirmed in Mexico, Richards says preventing the spread here in Yuma county is crucial.

“In my opinion it could be here in six months, it could be possibly be faster than that.” Richards said.

She recommends using insecticides that have deet and eucalyptus oil. Also, placing citronella candles around the outside of your house and avoiding the outdoors during mosquito prime-time, between early morning and early evening.

On Tuesday, March 8th there will be a seminar at the Somerton Library and at the San Luis Library on March 9th. Both seminars will be from 10-11 a.m. (MST).

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